Industrial Services
ARB is an industry leader in the construction of plants and facilities including power generation, reservoir and
pump stations, water and wastewater treatment plants, oil and gas, refineries, LNG, alternative fuels, and renewable energy.
ARB offers a comprehensive scope of construction services and is experienced in performing difficult fast track projects. Our key strengths are evidenced by our reputation for large capital project experience, and delivery of projects on-time within budget.
We are experienced in delivering projects using EPC or traditional design-bid-build models with construction environmental mitigation compliance, outstanding labor relations, a large work force of skilled craft, an elite staff of professional construction managers, and the largest equipment fleet in the West.

PowerARB is a proven industry leader in power generation construction services. Our experience and abilities address a broad spectrum that includes civil, structural, mechanical, and piping.
Compressor/Pump Stations
ARB has developed the expertise in the installation of oil and gas storage, gathering, compression, and pumping stations, utilizing turbine, centrifugal and recipricating compressors, and the infrastructure needed to support the operation of pipeline transmission systems.
Water Treatment / DesalinationPopulation growth, ever-changing environmental regulations, and aging plant facilities continue to create critical needs in the water and wastewater field. ARB has addressed these needs by developing expertise in the latest techniques such as reverse osmosis and other membrane technologies.
Refinery and PetroChemicalARB's expert boilermaker skills, and the ability to install highly complex alloy and heavy wall piping systems makes ARB the premier choice for refinery or petrochemical projects
Solar CSP/PVARB is involved in large scale CSP projects installing utility scale parabolic trough technology for CSP generation, and in utility scale PV projects in the western U.S.
BiomassARB can handle all the needs for the biomass plant, from offloading and storage facilities for feed stocks, stackers, reclaimers and conveyors, boiler and power block equipment, and balance of plant operating equipment and buildings
Alternative Fuels Over the past 55 years, we have been involved in the installation of just about every imaginable configuration and form of materials. No challenge is too great for ARB to help you achieve success in the alternative fuels industry.
HydroARB has in-house millwright capability and has performed maintenance and retrofit work on hydroelectric plants in the western United States.
Fabrication ARB has been in the business of pipe spool fabrication, pipe skid fabrication and manufacturing fabricated piping systems for over 55 years.  Our shop is located in Bakersfield, California to take advantage of lower labor costs in the central valley, the abundant supply of raw materials, proximity to West Coast Ports and Pacific Rim projects.  We rely heavily on repeat business with owners and customers who we have developed on-going relationships built of trust and integrity.


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