Underground Services
The ARB Underground Group installs several types of underground structures including large diameter transmission pipelines for natural gas, crude oil, petrochemical and petroleum products, natural gas distribution systems, water, sewer, drainage systems, high voltage power, and communications (fiber optics).

ARB has performed this work through environmentally sensitive areas, city streets, cross country, deserts, mountains, rain forests, rivers, ports, and bays. ARB provides large diameter horizontal directional drilling up to 60 inches in diameter and up to 5,000 feet long.

Our construction services include installation, replacement, relocation, and maintenance of most types of underground infrastructure. Our group also is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for emergency repair services.

Distribution ConstructionFrom main to meter, ARB performs all aspects of natural gas distribution.
Mainline Construction Installation of large diameter transmission pipelines have been constructed by ARB's experienced pipeline personnel for natural gas, crude oil, petrochemical, petroleum products and other services.
Horizontal Directional DrillingARB owns and operates five large HDD rigs with ancillary equipment and a fleet of mini HDD rigs.
Water, Sewer, Storm DrainARB crews install, replace, repair and rehabilitate all types of pipelines utilized for water, sewer and drainage services.
Integrity ServicesARB has extensive experience working with customers on projects relating to pipeline integrity.
Pipeline Relocation/ Maintenance/ Rehabilitation/ ReplacementARB performs all aspects of pipeline construction.
Station Construction- Compressor, Pump, RegulatorARB performs all aspects of station construction.
Launchers & ReceiversARB performs all work associated with the fabrication and installation of launchers and receivers.
Hydrostatic TestingARB crews have the experience and necessary equipment to perform hydrostatic testing on pipelines.
Joint TrenchARB utilities crews have extensive experience with the installation of all types of underground infrastructure.
Penstock / AquaductARB performs all aspects of construction for the installation, replacement, and maintenance of Penstock pipelines.
High Voltage Underground Conduit & CableARB performs underground installation of high-voltage electric conduit and cable.


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