Aligning corporate strategy with sustainable business practices
Solar Genesis Project
ARB is committed to continual improvement, helping our clients’ toughest challenges, and creating a brighter future for our employees, their families, and our communities.

Our sustainability strategy is based on the idea of incorporating sustainable development, and sustainable practices into our overall business strategy and every day activities. Hence, our sustainable philosophy is based on our core values, a solid foundation required to sustain any organization. Our core values: people are our greatest assets. We believe in long-term relationships, growth and bottom-line are imperative and considered our drivers for sustainability. With our core values as our foundation, we have developed six principles to guide our activities, and our pursuit of sustainable development at ARB.

1. We focus on overall optimization of our processes, by minimizing waste, improving quality, productivity; and at the same time reducing our carbon foot-print and other environmental impacts.

2. Shared value, understanding our clients’ economic, social, and environmental needs, and designing construction execution plans that provides cost-effective, sustainable solutions resulting in project success and repeat business.

3. Recognize employee health and safety as a core value, where this value applies everywhere, to everyone, in every activity and decision, at all times.

4. Employee retention and recruitment through policies and training programs that allows for inclusion and upward mobility across the organization. We fully understand that it is ultimately our people who help make our collective environment a safer, more efficient, and more sustainable place to live.

5. Involving our supply chain to participate in sustainable practices.

6. Community outreach programs that identifies and supports our local communities, schools, and universities.

Our projects profile is a testimony and illustrate the way we have aligned sustainability to our company’s strategy and every day activities. See ARB Project Profile



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