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NRG Combined Cycle Power Plant - El Segundo, California
ARB completed work at NRG's combined cycle power plant at El Segundo, California. NRG executed a 10 year power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison to supply up to 550 MW of new environmentally friendly electricity repowered El Segundo Generating Station. This project, constructed on the beach and replaced two units of the old plant which was demolished to make room for the new facility.
The project includes two (2) Siemens 1x1 Flex-PlantTM 10 combined cycle units, each unit consisting of one SGT6-PAC 5000F gas turbine and generator package, one SST-PAC 800 back pressure steam turbine and generator package, one NEM Heat Recovery Steam Generator with stack, one SPX air cooled heat exchanger, boiler feedwater system, steam bypass system, electrical system including step-up transformers, plant Distributed Control System (DCS) and gas fuel supply system with a common fuel gas compressor building. Additional work added to ARB's scope included a seawall with anti-graffiti coating and widening of the beach bike path between the plant site and the beach.



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