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Genesis Solar Project - Blythe, California

Sited on 1,800 acres of public land administered by Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Genesis Solar project is located north of Interstate-10, in Riverside County, 20 miles west of Blythe, California. The project is a 250-megawatt solar energy plant and is one of the largest in the world, capable of generating enough electricity to power nearly 88,000 homes, and will avoid approximately 330,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually compared to a natural gas power plant for more than 30 years.

The Genesis Solar Project uses concentrating solar power (CSP) technology where solar collectors capture and concentrate sunlight to heat synthetic oil, which then heats water to create steam. The steam is piped to an onsite turbine-generator to produce electricity. The solar thermal technology will provide 100 percent of the power generated by the plant. No supplemental fuel for electricity production is needed.

Our scope of work includes all mechanical and piping work in the solar field which comprises of installing production jigs, erecting and aligning all pylons; assembling, installing, and leveling all Solar Collector Elements (SCEs all 22,000 of them); fabricating and installing all the Heat Collector Elements (HCE tubes), and all underground and header piping.



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