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ARB believes in a workplace where people do what both leaders and they want to do. In such environment our commitment to learning, diversity and inclusion is absolute. We believe that learning, diversity and inclusion are founded upon respect for people, and it needs to be demonstrated through the way we treat all of our stakeholders.

Learning, Diversity and Inclusion -- Commitment

ARB's commitment to learning, diversity and inclusion begins at the top management level and is reflected throughout the company. Our approach to managing our employees and work force creates opportunities for every employee to learn, and to be productive and secure, earn a fair income and develop professionally, regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or any other factor protected by law. In implementing this approach we strive to:

· Respect laws regarding human rights

· Establish a healthy and safe workplace that is free of violence and harassment

· Create positive relationship between employees and ARB management

· Value diversity, provide equal employment opportunities and implement fair recruiting, hiring and retention practices

· Offer competitive salaries and benefits aligned with the markets in which we operate

· Promote learning, by providing training and development opportunities to help employees reach their full potentials

Diversity and Inclusion -- At ARB

ARB employs a dynamic mix of people to create the strongest company possible. ARB policy forbids discrimination in employment on the basis of age, culture, disability, education, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, physical appearance, race, or religion. We are an all-inclusive and diverse company with people of all backgrounds, experience, culture, styles, and talents.

ARB provides the same benefits to all Full Time employees, both insurance and retirement plans to avoid any discrimination based on pay levels. In addition, we have project based bonuses and incentives plans that are given to employees based on productivity; health safety & environmental performance. In addition, we have "reward of excellence" program to encourage our employees to participate in awareness, and other trainings for health and safety.

Employee Engagement

We engage our employees in face-to-face meetings within each business group and functions. We expect to implement a survey in 2015 to measure and better understand employee concerns and perceptions on the following subjects and others:

· I believe I have the opportunity to learn and grow at ARB

· ARB provides people with the necessary information and resources to manage their own careers effectively

· I think ARB is doing a good job of retaining its most talented people

· I am given sufficient access to training opportunities

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Employee Assistance Program:

ARB provides all employees with counseling which is available through "Employee Assistant Program”. This program is 100% at no cost to the employees, and each employee can receive up to three free visits on each of the following hardship topics:

· Family or marital problems

· Parenting concerns

· Emotional difficulties like depression, anxiety and guilt

· Drug and Alcohol dependence

· Grieve over the death of a loved one or other losses

· Eating disorder like anorexia

· Conflict at work

· Job stress

· Crisis situations

· Questions about legal or financial concerns

· Questions about child or elder care

Flu shots for all employees and family members: ARB has a program in place to provide flu shots for all employees in all locations including all craft employees at the jobsites.

Fitness Training

ARB provides its employees with a gym and free fitness training Monday thru Friday in our headquarters in Lake Forest, California.

Hotline to report suspected unethical behavior

It is of highest importance to ARB that employees are able and willing to readily report concerns about suspected unethical behavior. In addition to having the opportunity to speak to their immediate supervisor, others in management, and Human Resources, our parent company has established a Whistleblower Policy. This Policy provides that all employees have the ability and requirement to report unethical behavior and provides for direct reporting to the Primoris Audit Committee via a direct hotline number. Reports may be made anonymously, if desired.

Supplier Diversity:

Diversity is a key factor in the way we interact with our vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors, and is a required element in our procurement and subcontracting decision making. Our ARB Supplier Diversity database of suppliers and subcontractors serves as a repository for all data and provides the information to manage our ongoing relationship development with small and diverse companies. See more…

ARB is fully committed to its Suppler Diversity Program. ARB, Inc. has renewed its commitment as a part of an aggressive plan to reshape how it can best serve its customer base while positively impacting the community in which it operates. ARB believes in the solid economic growth supported by the utilization of a cross cultural, ethnic, veteran and gender diverse supplier base. As part of this renewed program ARB has committed to an aggressive target of 40% DBE spending with all minority entities.

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