ARB Equipment Yard

ARB Equipment Yard

In our 65+ years of experience, ARB has grown to become one of the premier construction companies in California’s underground and industrial industries. We own a vast array of equipment, allowing us to quickly mobilize and staff projects anywhere including remote locations.

ARB’s manufacturing provides full service fabrication of carbon steel and alloy pipe, ASME Section XIII pressure vessels, as well as fabrication of process modules and skid-mounted equipment.

Our Commitment to EPA - Tier 3 compliant equipment

ARB understands the importance of protecting the environment. From our corporate fleet of hybrid passenger vehicles to our largest 587T pipe layer, ARB readily complies with California’s stringent clean air standards, particularly as they pertain to heavy equipment emissions. 

In 2007 ARB made significant investments of more than eight million dollars to begin the upgrades and purchases of new Tier 3 compliant equipment. In 2008 more than ten million dollars was invested to continue the upgrades and purchases of new Tier 3 compliant equipment.

As a result of careful planning, ARB is one of the few companies able to mobilize the Tier 3 compliant equipment needed to reliably perform their construction operations while adhering to California’s clean air standards.

Included in the ARB fleet of pipeline construction equipment are all of the tools and items necessary to perform hydrostatic testing. All test trailers and buses are fully supplied and ready to move to a site. The company owns various types and sizes of pumps, low-head pumps, high-head pumps, pressure pumps, trailer mounted hydraulic pumps with high pressure hoses, dead weight testers, temperature and pressure recorders test manifolds, valves and more multiple hydro test projects can be performed simultaneously.



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