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ARB Underground Receives two Outstanding Project Awards - Monday, April 8, 2013
Congratulations to ARB Underground for receiving two Chevron Pipe Line Company
CHESM 2012 Outstanding Project Awards!

ARB's Chevron VTA Relocation, Phase 2 Milpitas, CA projecthas been selected as Chevron's 2012 Outstanding Project Award!

ARB's Chevron I-5 Carmenita Interchange Improvement project in Santa Fe Springs, CA has also been selected as Chevron's 2012 Outstanding Project Award!
To be considered for the Chevron Outstanding Project Performance Award, Chevron requires the following criteria are met:

  • Must be Nominated
  • Safety Rating of "B or Higher
  • Zero Fatalities
  • CPL Project TRIR less than CPL Yearly Goal
  • Zero CPL Project Specific Incidents (other than first aid) 
  • More than 5,000 CPL Project Specific Work Hours
  • No Project specific Reported Spills
  • Zero Project Specific CPL MVC's
  • Good Working Relationship
  • Must Comply with CPL CHESM Required Programs 
This Contractor project team has demonstrated their commitment to Health, Environment & Safety (HES) while working on a Chevron Pipeline (CPL) project. 
All appropriate HES policies and programs were followed and HES processes utilized.
This project team participated in meetings with other Contractors and/or CPL. 
They communicated well with the CPL representativeand the quality and efficiency of the work completed reinforced that safety, quality, and efficiency can be accomplished together. 
Chevron Pipe Line presented this award to ARB in March 2013.

Chevron is a true alliance partner ARB Pipeline deeply supports and recognizes the CHESM (Chevron environment, safety and health) specifics of projects.


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